Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tha Carter III

This is not related to Nikki at all, but I gotta share it with y'all. Plus, I'm a VIP. lol
I just listened to Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III. I think it's arguably the best hip-hop CD of 2008. I've never listened to Lil' Wayne before this, but I have to say, the guy is right up there with any of the rap greats.

Tha Carter III has each track telling a story of its own. Lil' Wayne doesn't even rap; he talks, and rhymes in his stylish, cough-like, rough voice. Kanye West produced 3 songs, and they were all bombs. Other producers include Swizz Beatz, Wyclef Jean, Cool & Dre, David Banner, etc.

He also had collaborations with Jay-Z, Robin Thicke, Kanye, T-Pain and EVEN
Babyface! Buy or download this album right NOW. Who said hip-hop is dead???

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Sean said...

Did you hear the NERD album or the one from Nas?

I'm not saying that I don't like C 3 but there are better Hip Hop albums that have been released this year.

JayBee said...

Yeah I agree the Seeing Sounds blew my mind, and I've always been a Nas fan...but I dunno I think Lil Wayne is over rated.

/\ntoine said...

hmm okay. I haven't listened to Nas (yet), but he's one of my fave rappers of all time.

I didn't buy NERD 'cos it got bad reviews from some magazines that I read. I have their first CD tho'. It was okay, like nothing 'great', but it was worth buying.

Nas would easily kick C3 though. The three songs I've heard are pretty dope.

tristan said...

I really don't understand the reason why you create this article on "ThE Official" Nikki Jean Fan Blog"... Ok, C 3 is good (personally I prefer N*E*R*D) and Hip Hop isn't dead BUT this blog is for Nikki Jean ! Or for artists who are near to her. But Lil Wayne..
If I want some informations about C 3 or other hip hop album, this isn't or the Nikki Jean's Fan Blog that I'll go..

BUT, this blog is yours and not mine, SO you do what you want!

'Bonne continuation' ! (it's just for the french words of the day^^)

Rhymestyle said...

Strongly disagree... I mean all he did was steal everyone's style.. the usual negative BS... Wayne needs to die slow

He aint no Nas and never will be, he aint no Jay Z and never will be, he def aint no Pac or Big, he aint no Big L.. get what Im saying?

nuff said

Anonymous said...

I disagree!!!!!!!!!! That shit was not the best of 2008. Stop fuckin wit that shit.....his mixtape was hella hotter.