Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nikki Jean At The Glow In The Dark Tour

MSG, NYC, 08/05/08

a little blurry but ok

those guys met Nikki before and during the show

here's what one of them says:

So, before the concert, I got in contact with Nikki and told her that I was going to be in Sec 84 right off the left side of the stage and that i want to interview her. And guess what…

After Lupe Set during the set change, she comes to my section and starts looking in the crowd. At this point im like “No Way” is Nikki Jean really looking for me. SHE DAMN SURE WAS…

WOW…She is so cool, humble and down to earth, we were talking like we knew each other for years…And Beautiful BTW. I hope she keeps in contact. Me and Peso want to take her to Amy Ruths to go eat. lol

via ADayInThaLifeOf