Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Industry Shakedown Interviews Nikki Jean

Here's one of the questions:

m! - Have you met a celebrity that you were anxious to meet, only to find out, that particular celeb was a complete cornball?

NJ - It's been my experience that most celebrities are slightly corny. But I appreciate it, because it makes me feel more at ease about being a dork. Sometimes you meet someone who you REALLY idolized, and they completely disappoint you, and then you start to despise their work because it's painful to know that someone who came up with something so brilliant actually sucks in real life and no matter how much you tell yourself to take it easy, because you suck in real life as well, it doesn't help, and in the end you feel like you just found out Santa Claus wasn't real... and kind of dread the day you'll give that feeling to someone else.

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Did anyone notice that we are the "Nikki Jean Fan Blog"
and that we never did an interview so far???